The Walking Dead webisodes nominated for New Media Writing Awards

Just read over at AMC TV’s blog that The Walking Dead webisodes directed by our favorite monster maestro Greg Nicotero have just been nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Writing Derivative New Media in the first ever New Media Writing Awards by the Writer’s Guild of America.

Us here at Ruby Tree Films are a huge fan of The Walking Dead and we couldn’t be happier for Greg and the whole cast/crew!

If you want to see how the K.N.B team created a bunch of the zombie effects in The Walking Dead then check out our documentary Nightmare Factory which utilizes Greg’s own behind the scenes footage from the set of season one.


Unveiling Nightmare Factory’s poster! – January 9th, 2012

We are super pleased around here to finally have the chance to unveil the gorgeous movie poster for Nightmare Factory designed by Motion Graphic Artist/Graphic Designer Frank Forrestall.

Like everyone else at Ruby Tree, Frank put his all into designing our promotional material and we couldn’t be happier with what he came up with!

So we just wanted to show it off to the world!

If you want to see more of his fantastical creepy design work head over to www.frankforrestall.com to check it out!



Nightmare Factory is unleashed – October 27, 2011

Tonight is the night everyone!!

We are pleased to announce that after a year plus of hard and dedicated work, this monster of a documentary is finally being unleashed on the world!

So tune in tonight on The Movie Network at 9PMET/10PMAtlantic time and get an insiders look at the Hollywood world and the talented makeup men who populate it with the monsters that we all love and fear!

Also head on over to The Coast, who was kind enough to sneak something into this weeks issue:

The work really begins

October 15th, 2010

Cold is hitting it’s peak, but I will keep going strong! We are at KNB again today and it’s going to be big!

Greg has setup a meeting or two that he is giving us access to tape. We arrive in the morning and start unpacking the gear at which point Greg says we can shoot his meeting with Elijah Wood! Holy crap!!! Next thing I know I am a small room with the second camera, taping Greg and Elijah taking about some future projects! This whole thing is so surreal.

Once the meeting is finished, Greg takes Elijah on a tour of the factory and we follow them around which eventually wraps up and we run out for some lunch. After rejuvenating ourselves; we arrive back at KNB where Greg is having an important discussion with Andy Schoneberg (Just to let you know, he is the genius who built the scissor hands for Johnny Depp.) We break out the cameras and Bob and I capture as much of that as possible.

Bob and I go over into the shop on our own and we shoot the KNB crew sending out some wigs and make up for a new Mickey Rourke movie!! It’s really starting to sink in what a direct connection we have to Hollywood’s A list.

We wrap up and load the gear back into the van. We give Greg his present which he seems pretty stoked on and then we head home for a rest before a busy day on Sunday.

July 27th, 2011

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills

Here we are again with another update!

Things are cooking in the office here at Ruby Tree Films, we are working feverishly on the edit of Nightmare Factory. We are keeping our sanity even though we are fighting through thousands of horrors of footage. So if you’re a fan of films like Inglorious Basterds, Kill Bill, Sin City, Piranha, Evil Dead 2 or anything the like, than make sure you keep your eyes peeling for this doc hitting the screen this coming October!

On top of that we are putting the finishing touches on our development packages for our next project called “Fanarchists” which is a doc series that tackles the fan film world and the subculture of amateur filmmakers who are trying to put the fear in the heart of Hollywood. Keep checking back for more information about it as we enter production.

For a treat here is a link to Greg Nicotero‘s short film United Monster Talent Agency which is the perfect send up to the classic monster films.




One sheet


Every monster has its day..this is the day of the zombie.

Zombiemania* chronicles the evolution of the zombie from its roots in Haitian Voodoo to its coveted role as the world’s most popular monster. From blundering cadaver to cannibalistic killer, the zombie’s come a long way in 70 years. Zombiemania looks at the rising tide of zombie culture and examines the reasons why something so dead has so much life in our nightmares and at the box office. Featuring a sensational array of film clips from zombie favourites, and interviews with everyone from Night of the Living Dead director George Romero, to Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z author Max Brooks. (1 x One Hour in HD)

*Produced by Sorcery Films Ltd.

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Pretty Bloody

From submissive monster bait…to conquering heroine.

Blood, guts, murder and mayhem…Women have generated and portrayed some of the most diabolical villains of our times. Pretty Bloody* looks at women’s contribution to the horror industry. It features provocative clips from groundbreaking films, and interviews with celebrated female authors, screenwriters, and directors. Featured femme fatales include directors Mary Lambert and Katt Shea, Ginger Snaps screenwriter Karen Walton, and scream queens Brinke Stevens and Debbie Rochon.(1 x One Hour in HD)

*Produced by Sorcery Films Ltd.



One Sheet

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We’re going where? To do what?!

So I had only been part of the team here for about a month before my role evolved and I found myself preparing to join the production team for six days in Los Angeles!

Now it was not only exciting enough that I was going to LA for the first time ever, but we were also going to be heading to the shop of KNB Effects and meeting Greg Nicotero!

Now let me explain, anyone who is an avid horror film fan will know who I’m talking about. But for those who don’t know who he is, Greg is a special effects artist that every self-respecting horror fan admires and idolizes; and I was no exception. I have been watching KNB’s work since I was young enough to know what fake blood was!

So needless to say the days leading up to take off were filled with excitement, shock and even insomnia as I couldn’t stop thinking how I am only hours away from having the experience of a lifetime.

Please stick around as there will be a lot more stories and even some behind the scenes from my first production trip to L.A.