Interview: Donna Davies – Geek Hard: Episode 279

Interview: Donna Davies – The Organization for Transformative Works (OTW)

“Halifax filmmaker explores how fan culture is changing Hollywood” – Toronto Metro

“The 90-minute film, made over three years and including footage from Comic-Con in San Diego, Wizard World in Austin, Texas, Hal-Con in Halifax and Fan Expo in Toronto, examines the fans and looks at the evolution of fandom.” – Chronicle Herald

“If we’re lucky, every so often, something comes along that shows us a different approach or at least reminds us why we do things certain ways. I had that kind of moment back in March, when I was filmed for Fanarchy…” – Clive Young

“…Donna Davies offers up a look at how fans can also do great things and inspire one another to reach for creativity and aspirations.” – Cinema Crazed

Interview: Fanarchy – A Feature Documentary by Donna Davies About Fanaticism, Fantasy and Film. For the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival, T. Nicole Holland interviews Donna Davies about her 2015 documentary

“Donna Davies’ Fanarchy is a fascinating insight into the rapidly expanding world of fan films. It takes an in-depth look at the history of the genre and presents many of the best examples from the past few decades.” – HeyUGuys

Nightmare Factory

“In the often dazzling documentary, we see Elijah Wood visit the studio to talk about the company becoming the go-to effects house for his fledging genre production outfit.” – Indie Wire

“For hardcore fans who binge-watch old horror movies — this movie might as well be nirvana.” – The Michigan Daily

“It’s an inspiring, positive look at not only genre films but also the film industry as a whole.”– Popshifter

“If you’re a horror fan, this is required viewing.” – Rue Morgue

“The documentary probably has more gore than some of the films these guys work on.” – The Film Reel

Nightmare Factory is definitely a documentary that every fan of horror movies and special effects needs to see”. – Lilja’s Library

“There are many interesting tidbits to glean and enjoy.” – Couch Zombie

“My feeling is that, if you’re a real horror fan, Nightmare Factory is simplyessential viewing.” – Horror Cults

“What really impresses is how much passion drips out of the subjects.” – What Culture

“Davies paints a unique picture of the world of special effects and their importance in cinema.” – Dread Central

Pretty Bloody

Pretty Bloody, a new documentary from Halifax’s Sorcery Films, explores the role of women in the horror-movie genre.” – The Coast

Pretty Bloody is one of the best, most superior horror documentaries and it deserves to be seen by all horror fans!” – Fatally Yours

“It’s a good showcase for these ladies, particularly the ones who work behind the scenes and aren’t often recognized for their efforts and dedication to horror.” –

Pretty Blood showcases some of the most important female contributions to the horror industry.” – Fantaspoa (Brazil)


“The documentary traces the evolution of the Zombie from its roots in African folklore and Haitian Voodoo to its current role as pop culture icon.” – Bloody Disgusting

“This documentary was very interesting and explored this sub genre into a whole other level. They mention things we might not have known and makes the viewers want to explore the zombie as well. It was humorous interesting and witty.” – The Horror Press

“This high energy, comprehensive and entertaining documentary takes you on a cinematic wild ride from classic genre maker Night of the Living Dead to Zombie horror laugher, Shaun of the Dead.” – Monsters and Critics

Zombiemania deftly explores the living dead’s transitional journey through time, delving deep into the zombie mystique and the evolution of our perception of them…” – Horror Society

Zombiemania is a lovingly crafted piece chronicling the development of the current zombie craze that is currently permeating popular culture.”  – B-Movie Geek

“This is a great watch that is both informative, and entertaining. It’s definitely worth watching… Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.” – A World on Fire

“[The] film is entertaining, well paced, chock full of good facts and totally and utterly too short for its own good.  Most good TV documentaries are like this though.” – Documentary Film Online

Zombiemania looks at the rising tide of the zombie culture and examines the Reasons Why something so cadaverous has so much life in our nightmares and at the box office.” – Fantaspoa (Brazil)