Supernatural Investigator Season 1

Hex or Hoax

A journey to the centre of witchcraft and voodoo

Wiccan spell, jinx, curse, hex, the evil eye, or voodoo ritual – many cultures possess their own brand of black magic.  With the internet exploding with sites that teach readers the finer points of impaling voodoo dolls and the basics of a well-crafted hex, the dark forces may be at work right next door. Is there any power to all this ill will? Can someone harness evil to harm others? Does the recipient need to believe in the curse to be affected by it? Filmmaker Donna Davies investigates the dark recesses of the occult to shed some light on the most dreaded form of magic. She questions a professor who feels she was cursed after delving into witches’ spells in Newfoundland, learns about disturbing Haitian voodoo rituals in Louisiana and delves into cutting edge research into the science of the curse.

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Remembering Past Lives

An unworldly investigation into reincarnation…

The idea of life after death is an accepted belief in many Eastern cultures. With a growing number of people in the West now embracing reincarnation, we go in search of evidence. A Canadian singer believes she was Marilyn Monroe in her last life. Her psychiatrist is convinced she’s the real deal. A young Philadelphia boy experiences spontaneous memories of life as a Civil War soldier. The child’s knowledge of shockingly accurate details of the war amazes his family and historians. Are these stories the product of over active imaginations, or are they proof of life after death? Our investigator, Gesar Mukpo, believed to be the reincarnation of an important Tibetan teacher, puts two remarkable cases of reincarnation in the West under the spotlight. Using the most up to date research methods Mukpo explores one of life’s most beguiling questions: Is reincarnation possible?

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It’s Written in the Stars

Can the position of the stars influence everyday life?

It’s in the Stars…or is it?

Over the past few thousand years astrology has had a profound influence on both western and eastern cultures. In the past Kings have waged wars based on the advice of their astrologers. Today many well-known celebrities and politicians consult with astrologers to plan their every move. In fact more than forty per cent of North Americans now believe that the movement of the planets shape their lives. The scientific community claims astrology is a pseudoscience that has repeatedly failed to demonstrate proof in numerous controlled studies. Defenders insist it is indeed a science and is based on a set of principles similar to mathematics. Our investigator, writer lesley Choyce takes us deep inside this mysterious and complex world. Along the way he consults with advocates and sceptics alike and finally puts astrology to the ultimate test, by having his own chart read by the world’s top astrologers. Can the position of celestial bodies influence earthly affairs? You decide.

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