Supernatural Investigator Season 2


Good luck means happiness and good fortune, while the flip side — bad luck — can bring nothing but misery and despair.  Is luck a supernatural force that can be harnessed and controlled to one’s benefit?

Why do some people seem to get more than their fair share of luck while others are incredibly unlucky in life? Can unlucky people do anything to improve their luck – and lives?

Our Supernatural Investigator is Mark Bachynski a Halifax musician who sets off on a journey to understand the true nature of luck. We meet a millionaire who has beaten incredible odds by winning a lottery jackpot three times.  We hear from leading experts including a doctor from Harvard Medical School who believes the brain itself holds the secret to good luck, a statistician who measures the probability of being lucky, a psychic, a psychologist and a metaphysical consultant who teaches people how to improve their luck.

Is luck a force we can control or is it more of a mindset?

The Poltergeist Phenomenon

Are poltergeists lost souls caught between this life and the after-life, or could poltergeist activity actually be brought about by the emotional state of the living?

Wherever poltergeists manifest they leave in their path a trail of emotional and physical destruction. Although the earliest recorded cases of poltergeists date back to the first century, our modern day understanding of the phenomenon comes mostly from Hollywood movies. Supernatural Investigator, author and Paranormal Analyst Darryll Walsh delves into three dramatic poltergeist cases in effort to separate fact from fiction and uncover the truth about these mysterious entities.

After exploring the bizarre case of the fire spook of Caledonia Mills, one of the most perplexing poltergeist cases in North America, Walsh heads to England to compare notes with the world’s leading poltergeist experts. Here he uncovers the details surrounding a violent poltergeist terrorizing a family in North East England and meets up with respected journalist Guy Lyon Playfair to get the inside story on the infamous Enfield Poltergeist case.

On his journey Walsh considers several theories about the possible cause of poltergeist activity and examines new scientific evidence which may eventually lead to definite proof of poltergeists.

What Are The Odds? Beyond Coincidence

Are coincidences simply a coinciding of unrelated events, things and thoughts? Or could these intriguing occurrences hold deeper meaning?

Unlikely and unexpected, mysterious and spine-tingling, amazing coincidences can shake us out of the complacency of everyday life, and leave us with a sense of wonder. But how should we interpret them?

Supernatural Investigator Donna Gabriel is a journalist who has experienced a string of these unexplained events in her own life.  She leads us on a journey to discover if there are meaningful patterns to be gleaned from these strange occurrences.  Are coincidences clues to the will of the universe? Or, as some people suggest, just unrelated events without any real significance?

Our journey to understand these perplexing occurrences starts with the story of two ten-year old girls who are mysteriously linked together by a coincidence involving a simple red balloon. We delve into the spine tingling story of a Massachusetts man who runs into a stranger who turns out to be his long lost brother.

This episode of Supernatural Investigator looks at the true nature of coincidence.  Are they simply a matter of pure chance in a random world, or are they destiny?