Nightmare Factory

How the gross out geeks infiltrated Hollywood…

Nightmare Factory delves inside the fascinating high-stakes world of Special FX make-up and creature design through the eyes of one of the industry’s key players. Greg Nicotero has helmed the SPFX make-up team on films like Grindhouse, Hostel, Sin City, Kill Bill, The Hills Have Eyes and The Mist. Nightmare Factory follows Greg as he embarks upon his latest challenge…bringing nightmares to life in the next big-budget horror film. We go behind the scenes as he pushes his team to employ every trick in their arsenal to create the most horrific disgusting creatures of all time. Nightmare Factory will feature clips from the last two decades of the most memorable horror and sci-fi films, as well as a treasure trove of behind the scenes “making of” footage shot by Nicotero on set. (1 x 90 min in HD).

“If you’re a horror fan, this is required viewing.” – Rue Morgue Magazine

“The documentary probably has more gore than some of the films these guys work on.” – The Film Reel

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