I Prophesy The Future Revealed Season 3

Mother Shipton’s Visions

Is Armageddon just around the corner?

Mother Shipton’s Visions tells the tragic and mysterious story of 16th century British soothsayer Ursula Soothtell who became to be known as Mother Shipton.

Known as a witch and said to be the daughter of the Devil himself, Mother Shipton is famous throughout England for her eerily accurate predictions of disaster and death. Two of her most famous predictions included The Great Plague and The Fire of London. Mother Shipton’s most terrifying vision describing how life on this planet will end, has yet to come true.

This episode of I Prophesy uncovers the facts and folklore surrounding this iconic woman. We delve into history and astrophysics to answer the question: did this British soothsayer really predict the end of the world? And if so, when must we face our fiery doom?


Tesla Conspiracy

Nikola Tesla is considered the father of the modern technological age and one of the most controversial scientists of all time. While some believe he was the most brilliant man to have ever lived, others say he was crazy, still others believe he was an alien.

In Tesla Conspiracy, we delve into the story of Tesla’s life and learn of the prolific rise and tragic fall of this unsung mega genius. Although he was doubted throughout his life, many of the predictions Tesla made more than 100 years eventually came true. Some of his most outrageous ideas are yet to be realized, including his claim to have devised an electrical system to harness infinite energy from the earth itself. Did this eccentric prophet mastermind a way to solve today’s energy crisis and prevent an environmental apocalypse?


Hildegard: Mystic of the Rhine

Although born in Germany almost 1000 years ago, Hildegard von Bingen has has recently been named a Saint and Doctor of the Catholic Church.

In her day this remarkable woman was a renowned musician, accomplished theologian and a respected healer. Hildegard was also a prophet. According to her extensive prophetic writings, we may be on the brink of an environmental disaster.

In Hildegard: Mystic of the Rhine, we examine the cryptic words of Hildegard’s prophecies in effort to decipher her warning to avert the total destruction of the world.