The Walking Dead webisodes nominated for New Media Writing Awards

Just read over at AMC TV’s blog that The Walking Dead webisodes directed by our favorite monster maestro Greg Nicotero have just been nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Writing Derivative New Media in the first ever New Media Writing Awards by the Writer’s Guild of America.

Us here at Ruby Tree Films are a huge fan of The Walking Dead and we couldn’t be happier for Greg and the whole cast/crew!

If you want to see how the K.N.B team created a bunch of the zombie effects in The Walking Dead then check out our documentary Nightmare Factory which utilizes Greg’s own behind the scenes footage from the set of season one.


End of a life changing experience

October 19th, 2010

Our trip has come to an end, I can’t believe it!! I’m not quite ready yet as I feel like there was so much more to experience! But hey it was an amazing dream come true and I only have Donna to thank for that.

We eat breakfast, check out of the hotel and load up the van and hit the road. We have a hectic drive back to the airport in L.A traffic, but Dan handles it like a pro. We arrive and check our bags and everything quite easily with no real hick ups and then we are waiting for the flight. We all grab a bite to eat and I pick up a couple small gifts from a shop and then we are on board.

I watched Shaun of the Dead and Hotel Rwanda and all of a sudden we are landing again in Toronto! We go through customs and everything fairly smoothly with the exception of a brief scare of Donna almost loosing her passport! A gentleman returns it to her and everything is good to go, we board again and then take off.

This flight I find longer than the first one, I am uncomfortable and tired but unable to sleep. My back aches and I can’t get situated but I deal with it. We land in Halifax at almost 2 o’clock, gather our bags get our cabs and then I am back home by 3am. Thus coming to an end one of the most amazing experiences of my life!!

The Biggest day yet!

October 16th, 2010

Big big day! We are off to Weekend of Horrors at the Marriott Burbank hotel, after some discussion with the people in charge we get a spot to drop our gear and we start setting up. Donna, Dan, Bob and Steve stay in the main room to film Greg on a Walking Dead panel while they get me to roam around to film the vendors and try to find interesting people to meet.

I got to see some cool vendors selling masks, and coffin guitar cases and even a company selling Zombie Beef Jerky. After capturing as much of the atmosphere as possible I start searching for people to talk to. I met Mick Garris who said he would be interested in speaking to us, sadly he disappeared before Donna and the Crew wrapped up in the main room.

Next I met Norman Reedus from Boondock Saints fame!! Who was amazingly nice and was super game to do an interview with us. We got set up in a corner of the hallway and we did an interview with Nate Yapp from and then we were ready for Norman; who we couldn’t find now!! I searched the venue and discovered he was in a photo op for a while. As soon as he was out I grabbed him and brought him over to our corner and got the interview underway.

As a funny personal note I decided to buy a Dawn of the Dead poster from Ken Foree, he autographed it for me and then said it was $20.00. The smallest bill I had was a fifty and gave it to him and either he didn’t realize or didn’t care and just pocketed it. After an awkward moment of me trying to decide how to ask for my change back I decided to forget it and went on chatting with him. The rest of the crew teased me that I didn’t have any money left for food, but to me it was well worth it.

We wrapped up quickly and got some food and jetted for Screamfest at the famous Mann Chinese Theater. We walk in and I am blown away by the beauty of this historic movie theater. We spoke to Rachel Belofsky who is the founder and festival director and got set up to shoot the black carpet and then the intro and Q&A that followed the short films.

I was situated in the back of the theater shooting the whole event and while the films screened I got to sit on the floor and watch the shorts! Once that was done we wrapped up our gear, thanked the Screamfest people and then followed Greg to an after party at the Roosevelt Hotel.

Donna chatted with Greg cause he was leaving the next day to head to set. He set up a couple interviews for us at KNB and then we decided we should head out. I took this opportunity to thank Greg and tell him I’m a huge fan of his work. He patted me on the shoulder as I walked away!!! I’m in my glory, can this never end?

First day in L.A.

I am back to finish off this blog about my L.A. trip, so I am going to be throwing up a bunch of posts from my travel journal! I am hoping to have some Behind the scenes material to show coming soon too!

October 14th, 2010

Hoping the sleep would have kicked the cold’s ass, I was disappointed to wake up and realize it had gotten worse over night. Deciding it wouldn’t take over my trip I put it behind me and got excited cause we were heading to KNB Effects to meet up with Greg Nicotero! Everything was a blur until we arrived!! The anticipation was growing as we waited outside while Donna was inside discussing what we would be doing with Greg. Soon we started to quietly bring the gear in and start to assemble what we needed to begin shooting.

Next thing I knew, we were in Greg’s office as he is taking part in a phone interview. I’m feeling completely stupefied! Here I am in the office of one of my biggest heroes in the film industry, a man who’s work I have loved and respected for years and not only do I find myself in his presence, but I am working on a movie about him! What did I do to deserve this dream come true?

We shot for a few hours until KNB had to close up, so after our first day goodbyes we had sometime to ourselves! We got some food, hit up some necessary places (i.e. the Pharmacy) and then we went to a camera store to buy Greg a present!

After a full day we were back at the hotel!


The work really begins

October 15th, 2010

Cold is hitting it’s peak, but I will keep going strong! We are at KNB again today and it’s going to be big!

Greg has setup a meeting or two that he is giving us access to tape. We arrive in the morning and start unpacking the gear at which point Greg says we can shoot his meeting with Elijah Wood! Holy crap!!! Next thing I know I am a small room with the second camera, taping Greg and Elijah taking about some future projects! This whole thing is so surreal.

Once the meeting is finished, Greg takes Elijah on a tour of the factory and we follow them around which eventually wraps up and we run out for some lunch. After rejuvenating ourselves; we arrive back at KNB where Greg is having an important discussion with Andy Schoneberg (Just to let you know, he is the genius who built the scissor hands for Johnny Depp.) We break out the cameras and Bob and I capture as much of that as possible.

Bob and I go over into the shop on our own and we shoot the KNB crew sending out some wigs and make up for a new Mickey Rourke movie!! It’s really starting to sink in what a direct connection we have to Hollywood’s A list.

We wrap up and load the gear back into the van. We give Greg his present which he seems pretty stoked on and then we head home for a rest before a busy day on Sunday.

My return!

Colin here wanting to apologize for the lack of updates around these parts, but I had taken a couple weeks off as I am adjusting to having a newly born baby girl in my life!

But today marks my return back to semi-normalcy routine here at the Ruby office and I figured my first course of action should be updating the blog with more about my amazing trip to L.A.

October 13th, 2010:

The night before take off, coincided with a good friend of mine visiting and bringing along his tattooing gear. Unable to pass up on a free tattoo I went against better judgment and stayed up till 3am getting new INK!

Sore and exhausted after only getting a few hours of sleep I had to drop my wife off at a Perinatal Doctor’s appointment. After a rushed goodbye I headed back home to finish getting ready for the trip. Showered, tripled checked the packing and headed for Bob’s with me arriving right at the 10am call time. I helped load the gear in the cab’s and we were on our way. My cab stopped in Woodside to pick up Steven, the we met everyone at the airport on time and we started the check-in process with our +17 cases. We got through and after all that rushing then it was what do we do to kill the time till our flight.

Steven decided to use his suave skills to charm his way into the executive lounge, we all stocked up on food and drinks and discussed what we are in store for over the next six days. Realizing we had the wrong boarding time, we all booked it for the gate and managed to board the flight no problem.

Cause of the lack of sleep from the night before, I fell asleep right after take off while watching Don McKellar’s “Last Night”

We landed in Toronto and only having a little over an hour to take care of our carnet we took off at full speed. We were bumped around from Canadian customers to American customers and were told 100 different stories. Stress and tension grew as we became fearful that we wouldn’t make our connecting flight.

However the movie gods prevailed and we made the flight (With us having to lie to the stewardess and tell her the gate said to hold on as our last party member was on his way.) Anyway, we all started to relax and I slept some more until we arrived in L.A. at 7:35pm local time (11:35pm Halifax time) We lugged the cases to the car rental and then in no time we were on the road and headed for our Hotel.

Before I knew it we were checked in and I was hitting the sac with a head cold forming.

Coming up, first day of principle photography and Greg Nicotero in the flesh!

Oh and to show off here is a photo of my new ink!


We’re going where? To do what?!

So I had only been part of the team here for about a month before my role evolved and I found myself preparing to join the production team for six days in Los Angeles!

Now it was not only exciting enough that I was going to LA for the first time ever, but we were also going to be heading to the shop of KNB Effects and meeting Greg Nicotero!

Now let me explain, anyone who is an avid horror film fan will know who I’m talking about. But for those who don’t know who he is, Greg is a special effects artist that every self-respecting horror fan admires and idolizes; and I was no exception. I have been watching KNB’s work since I was young enough to know what fake blood was!

So needless to say the days leading up to take off were filled with excitement, shock and even insomnia as I couldn’t stop thinking how I am only hours away from having the experience of a lifetime.

Please stick around as there will be a lot more stories and even some behind the scenes from my first production trip to L.A.

Getting started with Ruby Tree

Colin here for Ruby Tree Films,

This area of the site is primarily going to used as a personal chronicle of everything I have experienced since I joined the Ruby team in September of 2010. I will be posting some tales and funny anecdotes over the next few days.

We will also be including some behind the scenes video we shot while on the road and even more surprises!

So please bookmark the site or whatever you need to do to keep coming back cause there is going to be a lot happening here very shortly.